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Key Opinion Leader

Association thought leader relationships has become a significant priority for Life Science companies. Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) is an important Thought Leader constituency for life science companies. KOLs interact with and expect coordination among variety types of users in life science companies such as clinical research, contract research, sales, marketing, medical education and clinical affairs. Key Opinion Leader (KOL) endorsement is essential for a product’s success throughout its life cycle. Pharmaceutical companies generally attach with the Key Opinion Leader early in the drug development process to give advocacy activity and key marketing feedback. The Pharma companies in cultivating KOLs allocate considerable time and money.

These functions are seldom bridged by processes, personnel or systems. This kind of a silo relationship frequently results in incomplete information about KOLs and leads to challenges in sales and marketing operations.

Key Opinion Leaders are,

                 • Leading physicians and scientists who are respected and acknowledged as leaders in a subject area
                 • vital to Pharma companies
                 • Influence thinking and treatment paradigms
                 • Give insight into diseases and treatment routine
                 • Give assessment of competitive therapies

Role of Key Opinion Leaders:

Like drug marketing strategies, the use of key opinion leaders is a worldwide phenomenon. We understand the following features are common among all the thought leaders irrespective of the therapeutic field.

• Drug Discovery
        o Assist write the protocol and define efficacies of the drug during the study
• Medical Affairs
         o Assist medical affairs on drug usage and defining side effects
• Marketing & Sales
         o Take action as leading indicator of therapy acceptance
         o Help in diffusion of information and can increase velocity of product adoption
         o Physicians and institutions increasingly rely on KOL guidance for prescribing new drugs

They are experts in pinpointing and mapping the key opinion leaders on local, regional, and national level. KOL identification and profiling aides in the planning process of product commercialization by supplying the company with business intelligence from the key opinion leaders and their peers. They are expertly build catalogues of key opinion leaders which will have data in an easily passable, retrievable and quantifiable format. They will give you a comprehensive and complete list of key opinion leaders who are experts in areas like diabetes, cardiology, oncology and Alzheimer's research. Our KOL databases will have all the names who can easily tell what your research should focus and what are the target customers’ present needs.

Our Key Opinion Leaders Services include,

    • Key Opinion Leader identification and mapping
    • Primary Profiling (Biography capture)
    • Complete Profiling

They offer Live KOL databases and also providing constant update of our KOL databases with their 24/7 support team. Our KOL databases are usually on Oracle, MS Access or Web based platforms. Our databases help our Pharmaceutical Clients in finding Clinical Investigators, experts and KOLs and also in marketing of new drugs.
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